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Postural Pain in Dabra  Seated or standing put considerable stress on the lower back; standing puts five times more stress than relaxing down, and sitting, surprisingly, is even more intense. In fact, researchers believe that inappropriate sitting position is a major factor to low-back pain. Poor status and relaxing position aren’t good for your backRead More

Postural Pain in Datia The most common condition that plays a role in Postural Pain is neck position and shoulder. Shoulder pain occurs when the neck slants ahead putting the go in front of the shoulder area. Postural Pain in Datia can be easily treated at JOH. Jhansi Orthopaedic Hospital Opp SBI, Bundelkhand University Br. , Kanpur Road, JhansiRead More

Back Pain in Banda

Back Pain in Banda  Most of the Back Pain in Banda is made up from muscles that is attached to the backbone. The backbone is made up of many bone fragments called vertebrate. The backbone are approximately round and between each vertebra is a ‘disc’. The disks are created of strong rubber-like tissue which allows the backbone toRead More

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